SiteLine™ Asset Manager

On Now Digital is changing the way you access and interpret electric power system information with SiteLine. This versatile asset management software empowers you to manage electric power information overload for good. Developed by a team that has provided software solutions to more than 25,000 users, SiteLine allows you to identify potential problems quickly and efficiently. Plus, as a cloud-based service, it provides line of sight from almost anywhere. All so you can ward off the catastrophic costs associated with transformer failure and ensure reliability through more informed decision-making.

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Get the information you need at a glance. SiteLine rolls up complex data into easily actionable information presented in Red/Amber/Green (RAG) statuses. Whether you need a top-level summary or an in-depth analysis, just follow the red, and you’ll locate where your problems are – instantly. 



All data types are welcome. SiteLine is non-vendor-specific and supports multiple import formats and auto-import application program interfaces (APIs) for a truly source-agnostic solution. It also lets you choose what form you use to export your reliability data. Minimize confusion, maximize reliability. 



You know your business needs best. Designed to IEEE standards to support ISO compliance, SiteLine offers additional built-in flexibility that enables you to set unique thresholds. Establish parameters, criticality and prioritization that work for you.  

All Transformers are Welcome

SiteLine simplifies asset condition monitoring by making information accessible wherever you are. The software tracks the health of all transformer types, from cabinet transformers to regulating transformers to wind turbine setups and more. Whatever type of asset you use to keep your operation running, On Now Digital can help import that health data and customize SiteLine to fit.

Substation Transformer

TLC for Your LTCs

SiteLine manages every aspect of electrical supply management, including deterioration of essential transformer components such as Load Tap Changers (LTCs). Customize your software to track the health of Vacuum LTCs, Resistor LTCs, and Arc-In Oil LTCs. SiteLine maximizes transformer reliability by sweating the small stuff. 


Manage Every Component At-a-Glance

SiteLine consolidates and sorts data from all types of transformer assets, including data from electrical, liquid and mechanical testing. This easy-to-use tool aggregates and presents your data in an intuitive format, allowing for a quick view of the criteria that is most important to your operation. As a fully customizable asset management solution, SiteLine welcomes data from:

Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections: Leaks, liquid levels, paint, pressure and vacuum, temperature, gauges and valves

Liquid Testing

Liquid Testing: Mineral oils, WECOSOL®, FR3, Silicon, Alpha 1, BIOTEMP® and other natural ester-based fluids

Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing: Karl Fischer Titration (moisture analysis)*, Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)*, liquid screening*, furanic analysis, corrosive sulfur, filming compounds, fire point and flash point analysis, inhibitor and inhibitor content, PCBs, PCBs, and dissolved metals

Electrical Testing

 Electrical Testing: Bushings, capacitors, regulators, switchgear, insulation and leakage resistance, turns and winding ratios, and the full range of mechanical tests results, too


Questions about diagnostics and testing? Contact us, we're actually pretty friendly. You can also Try SiteLine for Free for 30 days.

*Commonly viewed as most valued