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Get more value with data collection tools.

Still armed with clipboards and pencils? Struggling to track down inspection and testing data? Maybe you have equipment with IoT sensors… but you aren’t sure what to do with that data. Sounds exhausting. And expensive. Digitizing your data collection process helps:

Improve efficiency
Increase quality and security
Eliminate data entry

Collect data faster and better.

Whether you’re collecting data in the field, performing preventive maintenance inspections, pulling data from laboratory instruments, or anything in between, data collection software can:

  • Reduce the risk of human error 

  • Decrease time spent on data collection activities (with barcodes, speech to text, and other time savers)

  • Eliminate the hassle of relogging or reformatting data

  • Increase data security from start to finish

  • Improve transparency across your organization  

Custom doesn’t mean cost. It means value.

Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle Analytics Cloud – these off-the-shelf business intelligence solutions have their perks. However, be aware that the “plug and play” systems typically need some customization in order to maximize the insights you want and integrate with your platforms. On Now Digital offers a small but mighty team with a rich understanding of data management. We can quickly pinpoint precisely what you need to connect and make it happen.

See how we’ve helped collect data.


Our field staff went from saying they didn’t want to use an app to now being upset if they can’t use our app.

– Lee, Field Technician Supervisor, Substation Inspection Company

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