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When your community depends on you, depend on data.

For municipalities and electric cooperatives, the reliability conversation is about more than just dollars and cents. You have a whole community – homes, schools, daycare centers, grocery stores – depending on you to keep the lights on. On Now Digital can help remove the guesswork from substation reliability by:

Leverage substation asset management software.

We got our start by developing data collection and analysis software for substations, and we have a clear understanding of fluid testing analysis, industry compliance standards and other details you need your software to reflect. Our SiteLine™ platform includes both a field inspection app and a data presentation dashboard that can help:

  • Improve safety for linemen and other technicians

  • Systemize substation inspections and data quality

  • Deliver quick insights with clear maintenance priorities

  • Manage aging infrastructure and extend substation equipment life

  • Generate insurance and compliance reports with a few clicks

Municipalities and electric cooperatives throughout the U.S. rely on us.

Here’s what our friends from the City of Piqua have to say about how we’ve made their jobs easier.

We're a proud member of American Municipal Power and Ohio's Electric Cooperatives.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your utility adopt a data-driven asset management plan, send us a message anytime.

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