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Get your operations data in order. 

On Now Digital helps operations managers and maintenance supervisors get a better grip on their data in order to keep production running safely and reliably. Our industrial and manufacturing data management services include:

Boost reliability with a data-driven pm inspection program.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to turn your maintenance plan into a reliability plan. With data collection consulting services, as well as a prebuilt equipment inspection app, On Now Digital helps you collect data from your floor and automatically sync it back to your CMMS or other maintenance management software.

This approach enables you to:

  • Prioritize maintenance tasks

  • Extend equipment life

  • Avoid unplanned downtime

  • Increase safety 

  • Improve resource allocation

Looking for maintenance management software?

On Now Digital can help you with your search. We’ve put together a quick but thorough ebook that helps you understand what features to look for, what kind of ROI to expect, what questions to ask vendors and more.


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