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Questions? Glad you asked!

Transparency and clarity are key to making the right decisions. If you’re considering partnering with On Now Digital (or any software vendor), you likely have questions. Here are some of the ones we get most often.

What types of technology do you work with?

We are a full stack development shop that primarily focuses on the Microsoft suite of tools. We also develop on iOS and Android for mobile applications along with AZURE for our cloud-hosted solutions. The languages we typically develop in are: 

  • .net

  • C#

  • Angular

  • SQL

Are you based in the U.S.?

Yes! On Now Digital is located in charming Northeast Ohio, and all of our development work is done here in the U.S. of A., keeping source code secure and U.S. citizens employed and productive.

What security measures do you take?

As part of the Microsoft community, On Now Digital follows the strict and ever-adapting security measures provided by the Microsoft Azure hosting service. Data stored in our cloud environment has 24/7 monitoring, cameras on the front and back of servers and other highly controlled access measures, compliant with even the most recent NISC standards. Read more about the Microsoft Azure security requirement here.

Are you software developers or system architects?

Development and architecture go hand in hand (see the next question!). We can build almost any type of tool, but will that tool plug into your current architecture? On Now Digital has the expertise to ensure that everything we provide you fits within your existing schema, and we might even offer some additional suggestions along the way. We’ve seen too many horrific situations where companies only built apps or systems to spec, ignoring the future maintainability or scalability of the tools. We can help you both build and architect a suite of systems you can trust to scale as you grow.

What makes you different from any other software provider?

Our lean, output-oriented team structure is the key to your success. In other development companies, you might have a business analyst, solutions architect, developers and a project manager, all part of the equation. On Now Digital cuts out the middleman (or multiple middle people!) with senior developers who help define requirements, architect, develop and project plan. This ensures there is no communication loss between organization layers and allows us to rapidly deliver quality-assured solutions, saving you time and money. Additionally, our history in industrial data management systems gives us an edge on understanding your business goals and workflow requirements.


Still have questions? You’re thorough – we like that! Send us a message, and we'll get right back to you.

What are some examples of your typical projects?

On Now Digital develops and supports 40+ software applications and integrations with more than 25,000 users. We’re pretty sure you don’t want the exhaustive list. Here are some of our most commonly requested solutions:
Data visualization dashboards – Leave the details for the experts but get a great overview of the status of your organization and its tasks.
Report-generating tools and repositories – Make it fast and cheap to get data to your internal or external customers.
Diagnostic and auto-classification applications – Take the heavy lifting out of complex analysis on everything from scientific analysis standards to tracking data points outside of a standard results distribution, provided in real-time, of course. 
Laboratory customer portals – Zoom between aggregate test result data and recommendations at a high level and drill down to the details to make great maintenance decisions.
Mobile apps for field technicians – Move from paper-based data collection to real-time collection, getting data to internal or external customers at a killer rate for quick decision-making.
IoT/Monitor data presentation and analysis platforms – Collect data from critical devices and equipment in the field, getting the data to a central location that can be analyzed autonomously or reviewed.


Order and work tracking systems – Pull information from multiple points in your business for managers or even customers to understand your real-time business flow.
Work order systems – Assign and track work for crews, while monitoring and reporting on time and material usage.
Supervised and unsupervised machine learning systems – Understand data that you have collected (from machines, people or systems) and use that information to automate or find your business superpowers.
AI Digital assistants and chatbots – Provide a way to interact with your systems by verbally asking questions or even telling jokes.
Registration systems – Track, streamline and automate incoming items for businesses that process deliveries and inbound resources. 
Online ordering systems (ecommerce) – Unleash or increase your ability to process payments on the internet for your services and products.

Do I need to outline all of my technical requirements before we talk?

If you do, that’s great – if not, our team will meet you wherever you are in your understanding of technology. We can help you develop the requirements for optimizing your systems or we implement the work you’ve already identified.

How do I know if I even need new software?

Do you find yourself doing repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time? Do you spend hours looking for things you know you saved, emailed, attached … somewhere? Ever wish it were easier to compile a report or send files to a customer? Interested in going paperless? Need a break from time-consuming analysis? Software can help with all of this and more. Basically, if you’ve ever shouted in a huff, “It’s the 21st century! There must be an easier way!” there probably is. Give us a call and we’ll walk through an ideal solution to save you time and frustration.

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