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Why On Now Digital?

We believe in software done right and in doing it right for the people we work with.

What you can expect from us. Every time.

Like many industrial software consulting and service companies, On Now Digital helps small to mid-size businesses access and use data. So what sets us apart? Call it Midwest charm, but we’re all about keeping our word. On Now Digital promises:


Plain language

We speak code, so you don’t have to. We get it, not everyone is a tech geek like us. We explain our ideas in a way that makes sense – whatever your comfort level with technology.


Honest recommendations

We aren’t in the smoke and mirrors business. We just want you to have the right solution. Tell us your problem, and we’ll make our best attempt to fix it simply and cost-effectively.


Responsive service

From concept through to support, we’re your team. That means you ask, we answer. If we’re busy, we make time. You have our attention when you need it.


Still have questions about how we work?
Hop on over to
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Our values set us apart.

On Now Digital is a Good Place Holdings company, which means we’re part of a family of brands united by the desire to help organizations and individuals reach their fullest potential. We value people (our own, our customers, our vendors), and we aim to lift up our community and the world around us through sharing our software expertise and our commitment to doing the right thing for everyone we meet.

Learn more about Good Place Holdings

Benefit from 15+ years of industrial software consulting and delivery.

In 2016, On Now Digital officially launched as a spin-off of our sister company SDMyers, a leading power system maintenance and testing company. However, as early as 2004, our core team was already engineering the software that became Transformer Dashboard®, the SDMyers data analysis platform. Since then, we’ve made better access to better data a primary focus. 


Located in the heart of the rustbelt, On Now Digital now works with manufacturing facilities and other industrial businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond. We understand complex industrial business and technology challenges, and we excel at creating efficiencies in:


Have more questions about who we are and how we think? Try browsing our blog or taking a look at our FAQ page. Of course, you can always reach out directly.

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