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Keep better track of electrical testing data.

As an electrical contractor, you’re always on the go. Sure, your van or hotel room often serves as your office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t collect and share your data in real time. On Now Digital can help with:

Futureproof your business with a field inspection app.

Faster inspections. Easier reporting. Happier customers. Digitizing your electrical inspection and reporting processes can go a long way in growing your electrical contracting business. On Now Digital offers an easy-to-use field inspection app called SiteLine™ Inspector, and we’ve also custom built inspection apps for the electrical testing market. Inspection apps can:

  • Save time and mindless data entry with paperless forms

  • Add efficiency with barcode scanning, photo uploading and commenting

  • Improve inspection data quality and accuracy

  • Give customers instant, easy-to-read reports 

  • Ease the burden of insurance and compliance reporting

  • Allow invoicing straight from the field

We're a proud member of the Electrical Generating Systems Association.

Have a specific question about your software needs? Let’s talk about the equipment you inspect and the challenges you face. Get in touch.

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