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Organize your testing data from start to finish.

At commercial testing laboratories, your test results and recommendations can be complex. The way you manage your lab data doesn’t have to be. On Now Digital can help you streamline your workflows to collect, analyze and share lab data faster and more effectively. We can give you a hand with:

Leverage substation asset management software.

On Now Digital offers SiteLine™ Dashboard, an easy-to-use lab analysis and reporting tool that can help you save time and improve customer relationships. SiteLine Dashboard: 

  • Enables you to set IEEE or custom limits for automated analysis 

  • Reports data in compliance with your ISO 17025 requirements

  • Generates reports in seconds (no more Excel sheets to compile or PDFs to send) 

  • Makes lab data customer-friendly with features like color-coded status indicators,interactive charts and GIS mapping 

  • Integrates directly with lab instruments, LIMS and other software 

Improve your current LIMS system.

We understand how LIMS systems work, and we know how to make them work better. From faster sample check-ins to sales order integration to automated invoicing, we have experience making improvements. On Now Digital can help with a broad range of LIMS software including (but not limited to): 


  • LabWare LIMS 

  • Matrix Gemini LIMS

  • Core LIMS™

  • LabVantage 8 

  • CloudLIMS 

  • LabCollector LIMS

  • QESTLab


Have a specific question about how you manage lab data? Fire away! We're happy to talk through it.

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