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Better insight. Better productivity. Better results.

Whether your organization is using remote monitors, inspection apps, paper forms (please don’t), or integrating with other systems, you’re collecting an Everest-sized pile of data. And, probably not with unlimited time and resources to organize and understand it, let alone use your data to make smarter business decisions. We can help you develop a data analysis and reporting framework to:

Assemble all relevant data
Add efficiency to everyday tasks
Improve insights and profit

How does data analysis consulting help?

Simply put, we can empower you to take control of your data and make better decisions. The best data analysis and reporting tools:

  • Simplify the volume of complex information

  • Give immediate access to historical data

  • Utilize data visualization (at-a-glance charts and graphs) 

  • Improve data quality and security

  • Generate on-demand reports

  • Assist with resource allocation and forecasting

Custom doesn’t mean cost. It means value.

Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle Analytics Cloud – these off-the-shelf business intelligence solutions have their perks. However, be aware that the “plug and play” systems typically need some customization in order to maximize the insights you want and integrate with your platforms. On Now Digital offers a small but mighty team with a rich understanding of data management. We can quickly pinpoint precisely what you need to connect and make it happen.

See how we’ve helped analyze data.


On Now Digital helped us use customer and employee feedback to develop a tool that’s intuitive, customizable and contains features no one else has – making it a true differentiator in our market.

– Larry, Customer Service Coordinator, Commercial Diagnostic Laboratory

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