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Lab tests are complex. The way you share results shouldn’t be.

Back in elementary school, you took a test, received a grade (and hopefully a sticker!) and hung your paper on the fridge. Displaying test results was easy-peasy. Unfortunately, for many diagnostic labs that build their business on performing tests and communicating the results, there just doesn’t seem to be an easy option. Until now. On Now Digital offers SiteLine™ dashboard, a prebuilt yet flexible solution that breaks down complex testing data into simple, easy-to-understand reports. In seconds.

Provide your customers with easy-to-read, paperless reports.

SiteLine organizes complex testing data into clear, actionable information. Our software uses color-coded red-amber-green (RAG) statuses, charts, graphs and more to make data understandable at a glance. Simply import your testing data and give your customers SiteLine access, eliminating the need to send paper or PDF reports.

We know LIMS databases.

On Now Digital was founded on the work we did with lab data, quite literally. Our solution is non-vendor-specific and seamlessly integrates with LIMS. In fact, SiteLine supports multiple import formats and APIs and lets you choose your export formats, too.

Meet industry standards. 

On Now Digital reports data in compliance with your ISO 17025 requirements. We know what those systems involve and will keep you compliant. Additionally, if you provide lab sample analysis, we have a handy-dandy analysis engine that categorizes your results using either IEEE or custom ranges to interpret your data automatically. 

Need a custom solution?

From reporting to diagnostics to system integrations, On Now Digital offers a range of custom data-management solutions that can help you organize your testing data and get the right information to your customers in a presentation mode they can easily understand. 

How much will you actually save?

See for yourself! 

At On Now Digital, we save you hours and hours of time – so you can save oodles of money. Just how much is an oodle? Take a look at our handy-dandy savings calculator and see for yourself how lab data management software can affect your bottom line.

Ready to put our software to the test? Challenge accepted! Contact On Now Digital today to schedule a consultation.

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