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White paper: Customer portals as differentiating technology for laboratories

In this white paper, “Love at first log-in: Why testing laboratories need customer portals (and practical strategies for building one),” On Now Digital takes a close look at how customer experience (CX) technology like customer portals can help fluid, lubrication and other testing labs win and retain customers, deliver faster turnaround times, and create internal efficiencies. We’ve also included a detailed discussion of must-have features, user experience best practices and more.

Snack-size webinar series: Better lab data management in three 20-minute sessions

On Now Digital hosted a delicious li’l webinar series where we helped our attendees better understand how technology can make organizing lab data faster, easier and, dare we say, tastier. In three super-short sessions, we talk about fast, accurate lab data collection, results-focused data insights and automation, and lab data customer portal benefits and tips.

Magazine article: data management in testing labs

On Now Digital Business Manager Mark O’Brien is featured in this issue of Transformer Technology. His article “Don’t Just Go With the Flow: How Fluid Testing Helps Accomplish Operational Goals” outlines a process for selecting, implementing and analyzing fluid tests. From test criteria to data visualization guidelines, this article helps you make sure your testing is tied to your business goals.

Infographic: municipal electric utility survey 

Municipal electric departments across 12 states participated in On Now Digital's 2016 asset management survey. Respondents ranging from from small farming towns to coastal cities identified major challenges, inspection methods, and their approach to electrical asset maintenance. This infographic highlights the most insightful data from the survey.

White paper: bridging the generational knowledge gap

On Now Digital analyzed the workforce transition that utilities of all sizes are experiencing. By 2020, the energy sector is expected to undergo a substantial shift in the workforce, heavily influenced by retiring experts. How can utilities carry forward such expertise? This whitepaper explores interpersonal, organizational, and technological considerations for successful succession management in the sector.

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