OnSite™ Substation Inspection App

OnSite Field Inspection Application

Eliminate Errors and Ensure Compliance

Simplify Your Process

OnSite is the software that provides you with the exact forms and fields you need. No more and no less. All forms are completely customizable for your specific operations. 

Work With Accurate Information

Using paper creates risk and error. Digitizing with OnSite ensures a standardized inspection process with required fields while eliminating the risk of lost paperwork. Are you ready for consistent inspections?

Streamline Your Operation

OnSite allows you to reduce steps and enables techs to spend more time on what matters. Techs can now complete more work orders and capture important inspection information through images and comments.

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Who Benefits from OnSite™?

 Better Asset Management Decisions - On Every Level



  • Higher accuracy of data capture
  • Increase visibility through operation's activities
  • Enable knowledge transfer



  • Increase field productivity
  • Eliminate unnecessary capital spending
  • Easily identify high & low performing assets



  • Increase work order completion
  • Eliminate errors associated with paperwork
  • Streamline inspection processes

Do you want to eliminate error in your field inspection operations?

OnSite™ Simplifies Your Inspections

6 Simple Steps to Efficiency

The digitization of your field inspection process is made simple through easy-to-use and customizable forms that are adaptive to your specific operation. 

OnSite Substation Inspection

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What are People Saying About Us?

On Now Digital enabled SD Myers to digitize and move away from paper forms.

Brad Cvammen

Bradford Cvammen

Vice President of Operations

"Where accuracy is everything in our industry we now have a tool that very skillfully eliminates cross sample confusion by connecting a sample to a work order to a transformer at a point in time as the technician is pulling his sample."

Bill Brayer Jpg

Bill Brayer

Field Service Production Manager

"On Now Digital has helped our technicians to spend more time in the field on higher order tasks, having more time to engage the customer, and less time performing lower level tasks such as writing out forms and labeling bottle."

Greg Hunger

Greg Hunger

Mobile Diagnostic Tech

"Our ability as the end user to be a part of the development process was critical. Now that we have used it for a while it has reduced steps, streamlining our process in the field." 

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