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On Now Digital upgrades its OnSite™ app, expands inspection capabilities.

TALLMADGE, OHIO (October 8, 2020) – On Now Digital, a Northeast Ohio-based software company specializing in data management solutions, has released a features update to one of its core SaaS offerings, the OnSite™ inspection app. On Now Digital originally introduced OnSite in 2017 as a digital inspection tool for the utilities market and similar industrial equipment applications. A 2019 upgrade, combined with last month’s new features release, has added flexibility and helped the brand reimagine the app’s potential to help businesses create efficiency.

“With last year’s OnSite 2.0 release, we focused on the user experience,” said On Now Digital Business Manager Mark O’Brien. “We built out the app’s dynamic functionality to perform inspections on our customers' terms. Our recent upgrade centered on empowering technicians and those managing workflow to efficiently and conveniently perform necessary inspections – better.”

While the September 2020 features update did include some user experience updates, such as the ability to access the user’s camera roll for more intuitive photo uploading, the most substantial addition was the new ad-hoc inspections option. This feature allows the technician performing inspections to:

  • Access equipment not included in inspection itineraries

  • Locate and prioritize equipment in seconds

  • Create and configure custom inspections

“Ad-hoc inspections can be a game-changer in terms of efficiency,” said O’Brien. “Technicians can access more equipment than ever before and make data-informed decisions on what to inspect and when.”

The ability to create custom inspections allows technicians to identify issues and create a system for monitoring them. For example, a user could create an inspection for property damage and log changes in debris, graffiti and other issues that could impact the equipment’s ability to perform over time.

On Now Digital has further upgrades planned for both OnSite and the app’s presentation tool SiteLine™ dashboard. To learn more, contact the team directly.

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