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On Now Digital Launches Field Inspection App

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO (September 2, 2017) – On Now Digital, a data management software solutions provider, recently launched a field inspection app to better serve its industrial and utilities customers. The OnSite™ app is tablet-based and pairs with the company’s SiteLine™ asset management dashboard to improve efficiency, accuracy and safety in equipment inspections.

“A lot of field technicians are still using paper and clipboards when completing inspections,” said Brett Rose, the lead software architect for OnSite. “Not only does this take time and leave the door open for human error, but it also greatly hinders what a maintenance or operations manager can do with the critical data that is collected.”

In addition to features like safety checks and data verification, OnSite syncs with SiteLine to make inspection data available and easily understandable in real time. This allows operations managers to make data-driven decisions about their equipment, maintenance planning, reliability and more.

The On Now Digital team worked to make adopting this digital solution as seamless as possible. The app features a clean, user-friendly interface and offers customizable forms and fields. This ensures that technicians can access the same forms and fields they are used to seeing to keep inspections running smoothly. The app can be configured to support a wide range of equipment, from high-voltage electrical equipment to intricate medical equipment to vehicle inspections and more.

To learn more about the OnSite field inspection app, contact the team directly.

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