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On Now Digital Recognized as Top 10 Asset Management Provider

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO (May 15, 2018) – Utilities Tech Outlook ranked On Now Digital among its 2018 Top 10 Asset Management Providers. The publication reviewed a diverse range of tech companies that help utilities build technology-driven strategies to address common challenges, such as budget allocation, regulatory changes and grid complexity. The top 10 were selected by a panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the Utilities Tech Outlook editorial board.

On Now Digital was chosen for its ability to deliver systematic inspection and maintenance for complex and critical utility asset infrastructure. By supporting electrical utilities in reducing the risk of unplanned outages, the company aids utilities providers in their mission to provide cost-effective reliable power.

“Utilities can now better maximize capital investments and minimize downtime (SAIDI/SAIFI) just by listening to what their equipment is saying,” said On Now Digital Managing Director Jeff Rockwood in an interview with Utilities Tech Outlook. The article showcases the company’s Onsite™ field inspection app and SiteLine™ asset manager , as well as custom projects – all to highlight the ways On Now Digital makes equipment health data understandable at a glance.

Also listed among the top 10 are CityWorks, Accela, Atonix Digital and others. The full list can be found here. Rockwood’s full interview can be accessed here.

About Utilities Tech Outlook

Utilities Tech Outlook is a utilities-based platform that reports on the latest trends, challenges and technology solutions for a variety of channels, including electricity, natural gas, waste management, water treatment, field service and more. With a learn-from-peer approach, the publication shares reviews and editorials from decision-makers in the fields it serves. Learn more at

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