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We help gather, analyze and present critical data.

Safeguarding your operation’s inspection and testing data by transferring it from clipboards and file cabinets to a centralized digital location is a smart move. Sort of a no-brainer in these days. However, On Now Digital offers so much more than digitalization. We provide a flexible, data-driven approach that improves your visibility into your equipment health, so you can start making better decisions about reliability, safety, compliance and more. 


Gather data painlessly with custom or SaaS visual inspection systems, single-point data entry, data validation checks, and seamless communication with LIMS databases, CMMS systems, IoT devices and other formats. We also help systematize the way your technicians work, eliminating subjectivity and ensuring accurate data. 


Remove the guesswork by utilizing analysis layers that you control. That’s right, you can pre-set IEEE, ISO or other industry standards, or configure to your own limits and parameters. We can help with diagnostics, industry benchmarking, and real-time access to historical and trending data. 


Having the right information only matters if you can understand it, and it only transforms your job if you can understand it in seconds. That’s why provide data visualizations, color-coded status updates, photo and comment logging, easily exported compliance and insurance reports, and other user-friendly features. 

Data problem? We’ll solve it just for you with custom software. 

Managing data can be super challenging… that is, without a passionate team of seasoned software developers with decades of experience in the equipment reliability space. Partner with On Now Digital, and we can help define your requirements and customize the exact solution you need. Custom app development, system integration, inventory management, data warehousing – you name it, and we’ll work with you on a solution. 

Create efficiencies with flexible,

condition-based SaaS solutions. 

Get started on data-driven asset management right away with our pre-built, condition-based field inspection app and dashboard. 

OnSite™ field inspection app


Assure faster, safer field inspections with photo uploading, text-to-speech integration, barcode scanning and more. 

SiteLine™ dashboard


Achieve a clear line of sight to your entire equipment fleet with features like custom thresholds, GIS mapping and real-time data trends.  

Have a specific data management challenge? We’d love to discuss how our data-driven asset management solutions can improve your operation. Get in touch right away!

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