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Why Inspect – Reliability!

There’s a lot that can be said about Condition Based Monitoring (CBM). There’s also a lot of money that can be spent on technology and implementation of CBM programs. But one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to predict and eliminate unforeseen failures is to perform regular equipment inspections.

Performing a physical inspection is simple and inexpensive way to start to build a culture of reliability. However, it’s not the act of performing the inspection that makes an impact—it’s what you do with the information after you collect it that makes all the difference. You can turn a routine check into a million-dollar avoided failure by making use of the data you already have.

Here’s Jay. Jay is worn down after a tough night’s rest. His mother is in the hospital again. He gets to work and the first thing he has waiting for him on his desk are the inspections that Sandra and her team have just completed early before his shift started. He’s got so many other things to do than review this mundane information, so he’s tempted to push it aside and get to his emails. But what if there is something important in there?

He doesn’t want to put his team or the company at risk.

Jay pulls out those papers and starts the hour-long process of reviewing each data point.

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