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Benefit from a tablet-based field inspection app.

Safety, productivity, equipment reliability – a lot is riding on the work you do every day. Whether you’ve been on the job for decades or are just starting out, the Onsite™ field inspection app can help make your job easier, safer and faster. 

Same checks, same fields.

You don’t have to learn a whole new way of doing things. On Now Digital customizes the OnSite app to your unique inspection criteria. You’ll find the exact forms and fields you’re used to having tucked into your clipboard, so getting started is quick and painless. We can even improve on your forms by implementing standardized inspection criteria, taking pressure off of you. 

No more doubling up on work.

With the Onsite app, you can complete your inspections and submit the data straight from the field. That’s right, never again will you have to log the data during your inspection and then re-log it into a computer later. The app even offers speech-to-text integration and barcode scanning for your convenience. 

Reduce the risk of error.

Our software offers data validation checks and instant access to previous values. OnSite also allows you to upload and tag photos to your inspections so there’s no relying on memory when you’re comparing to previous inspections, and no guesswork if you’re inspecting equipment someone else covered last time. 

Get home safely.

Our asset management software allows operations managers to make data-driven decisions about the equipment you’re inspecting. This results in more preventative maintenance and less break/fix work, which means you’ll be working on healthier, safer equipment. The OnSite app also has safety checks available to help assist you with your inspections. 

How much will you actually save?

See for yourself! 

At On Now Digital, we save you hours and hours of time – so you can save oodles of money. Just how much is an oodle? Take a look at our handy-dandy savings calculator and see for yourself how lab data management software can affect your bottom line.


Interested in taking a closer look? On Now Digital is happy to discuss how the OnSite field inspection app can make your life easier. Contact us to schedule a consultation or demo.