We’re a startup… with 15+ years under our belt.  

On Now Digital is a Good Place Holdings company, which means we’re actually part of a whole family of reliability-focused brands. In 2016, we officially launched as a spin-off of our sister company SDMyers, the largest transformer maintenance and testing company in North America. As early as 2004, our developers began working on the software that became Transformer Dashboard®, the SDMyers solution for helping customers better access and read their maintenance data. It was pretty groundbreaking 2000s internet stuff, if we do say so ourselves. 

Everybody deserves the ability to make

data-driven asset decisions.

We got to thinking that this data visualization need was a whole lot bigger than the transformer world, and that we could take what we had started at SDMyers and develop something really versatile. What if they could set their own thresholds? Let’s make it source agnostic! We filled whiteboards with ideas. The energy was palpable.

To make a long story short, it became very clear that On Now Digital should branch off and develop a configurable platform that could collect and organize data from virtually any inspection or lab test. And so we did. It also became obvious that we should continue to evolve with the market by offering a whole host of custom data management solutions. And so we have. 

We also inherited a legacy of integrity.

Unlike many holding companies, Good Place Holdings is a taxable nonprofit that values people over profits. Partner with On Now Digital, and you’ll discover that we are dedicated to always keeping our word. Not because you’ve signed a contract or promised something in return – but, rather, because we know it’s the right thing to do.

On Now Digital has helped improve the speed, accuracy and quality of reporting for both our customers and our internal requirements as an ISO17025 accredited lab. The team really took the time to understand our process so that we could work shoulder-to-shoulder on identifying opportunities based on our business requirements. 

– Jason Dennison, Senior Manager, Diagnostic and Analytical Services, SDMyers

Have more questions about who we are and how we got started? Contact On Now Digital. We’d love to talk with you.