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Case study:

Legacy system data migration

Legacy data – it’s complicated. And messy.

A midsize industrial service company in Ohio decided to replace its antiquated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With 55+ years in business, the company faced configuring and migrating years of financial data into a completely new cloud-based platform. One small snag: the industrial service company didn’t have the in-house resources to complete the software transition.


After using the same ERP system for more than a decade, the industrial service company was ready to level up. The project stakeholders selected Sage Intacct®, a best-in-class accounting and financial management software, but soon identified that migrating years of legacy data required more time – and a different type of expertise – than its internal IT team could provide.


“There was a lot of trepidation going into this,” said Greg, the company’s manager of information technology. “We’d been on the old platform since 2008 with no updates. We were concerned about how we were going to get the data over to the new platform and preserve everything.”

The industrial service company needed an integration partner to:

  • Understand the legacy SQL database and the new software’s backend structure 

  • Clean and reformat the existing data to match the new data structure

  • Ensure a smooth, on-time transition with no data loss


If you don’t have the time or resources, On Now Digital has experienced database administrators and a clear understanding of how data flows between disparate systems. We were extremely confident they’d deliver a successful launch.

– Greg, Manager of Information Technology, Industrial Service Company



The company selected On Now Digital to oversee data migration for the Sage Intacct ERP based on our strong team of SQL database administrators. Over the course of a year, we extracted and reformatted every data point from the old ERP system, as well migrated the data to Sage Intacct. 


During this process, we identified additional integration opportunities. The client expressed interest in moving quoting, ordering, dispatching and scheduling from the legacy ERP into its current Salesforce® platform. We were able to design a custom integration that syncs sales orders, enabling our client to completely retire the old ERP.   


“On Now Digital understood what needed to be done,” said Greg. “If they hadn’t developed a custom integration for invoicing, we would have been stuck invoicing out of the old system.”


In addition to a smooth, error-free migration, this industrial service company:

  • Improved productivity. The new accounting software and custom Salesforce integration simplified accounting and invoicing processes.

  • Saved money. Our client didn’t need to hire additional employees to manage the extensive data migration project. And when their in-house developer for the old accounting system retired, the company retired his position, too.

  • Enhanced reporting. With all of its data in one place, the company could generate comprehensive reports with ease.

  • Reduced maintenance. Because all of the system data is now in the cloud, information is more secure and there are no more servers to maintain.

Takeaways for your business

Trust on On Now Digital to:

  • Assess existing processes to identify functional requirements

  • Evaluate critical integration points

  • Deliver platforms that align with your operations

  • Become an extension of your technical team


Have legacy data you need to move? We can help.

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