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Case study:

Custom maintenance planning and budgeting tool

Find a need. Fill it with software. Add practical value.

A nationally recognized trade organization for the power industry exists to help its members – industrial and commercial reliability practitioners – improve the reliability of their high voltage electric power systems. These systems can include up to 27 different asset types ranging from transformers and breakers to switchgear and lines. And each requires regular maintenance for reliable operation. If only there were a simpler way…


This trade organization frequently shares tools and resources to help its members advance electric power reliability. But over time, the team realized there was not a single resource for members to both evaluate their asset inventory and build comprehensive maintenance programs.


“In our industry, there’s a lot of information available. But it’s not all available in the same place,” said Alan Ross, the organization’s president. 


Identifying this practical knowledge gap, the trade organization wanted help creating a tool that could both evaluate electrical system assets and give industry-aligned instructions on how to maintain them.

To have practical value, the software needed to:

  • Enable members to build accurate asset inventories 

  • House a comprehensive repository of best practices and industry standards for each asset type

  • Identify and prioritize maintenance tasks and schedules 

  • Analyze testing, performance and asset criticality data 


– Alan, President, National Trade Organization

On Now Digital took our ideas and turned them into a powerful, yet practical, new tool for our members.



The trade organization turned to On Now Digital – in part because of Alan’s familiarity with our SiteLine™ Dashboard product, which organizes asset condition data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Many of the organization’s members were already using similar technology, so the partnership made sense.

With the SiteLine framework as a starting point, Alan’s team and On Now Digital collaborated to compile all the current standards from organizations like NEDA, NEC, IEEE, NFPA and OSHA. We then integrated these standards into the existing SiteLine framework, saving substantially in development time and cost, and creating a digital safety playbook to help asset managers prioritize and plan – and the AssetPro platform was born. 

The trade organization rolled out AssetPro to a small group of members for beta testing. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and helped the organization recognize that its members are often overlooking basic asset maintenance tasks. 

In response to user feedback during the initial testing phase, On Now Digital is currently adding even more features before the forthcoming full launch of AssetPro.


With simple yet insanely practical new software, the trade organization can help its members:

  • Reduce risk. Reliability practitioners can adopt a data-driven maintenance strategy based on real-time condition information.

  • Ensure compliance. Visibility to government and industry standards makes it easy for members to understand and follow guidelines.

  • Improve reliability. Members can build maintenance programs that increase the reliability of their electrical systems at the most effective cost.

Takeaways for your business

Trust on On Now Digital to:

  • Take ideas from concept to completion

  • Develop custom tools to meet your unique needs

  • Refine new technologies through real-world testing


Do you have a nagging problem you’re just about certain you could solve with the right tools?
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