Streamline your operation with CMMS/EAM software.

Get 80 percent of the functionality for a fraction of the cost.

Time, money, headaches – maintenance management software sure can help you save. At On Now Digital, we provide cost-effective CMMS and EAM solutions that make a big impact on your bottom line. Our prebuilt software tools never skimp on functionality, ensuring:

Increased productivity


labor/repair costs

Hassle-free reporting


Faster workflows

faster workflows (1).png

Similar software features, way less cost – here’s how we do it.

Listen, On Now Digital isn’t one of the big guys. We don’t have all the bells and whistles that the leading CMMS/EAM software providers offer. But, we also don’t have the overhead. As small, Ohio-based company with 15+ years of experience in industrial software development, On Now Digital provides flexible pricing and solutions that are right-sized for your needs.


On Now Digital makes maintenance management easy.

Easy is our middle name (OK, actually it’s “Now” but you get the point). We understand your data and how to make it instantly actionable. Work orders, PM tasks, inventory management, compliance reports – we can help with all of this and more to transform your safety and reliability programs. Partner with On Now Digital for:

Easy implementation

Cloud-based, works with Android and iOS, awesome support team.


Super clear data visualizations

Color-coded charts/graphs, clear priority lists, customizable views.


IoT connectivity

Remote data collection and asset management – from anywhere.


Workflow automation

Triggered work orders, health alerts, invoices and more!

Avoid tanking your budget with unplanned downtime.

$50 billion

lost each year to unplanned downtime


of unplanned downtime is due to aging equipment

4 hours

of unplanned downtime equals $2 million

on average

Interested in making your maintenance management easy-peasy?