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Because your equipment is just one part of the equation.

At On Now Digital, we understand that your operation’s reliability and profitability depend on a lot more than just your equipment. That’s why we’re determined to make sure you don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it. We offer SiteLine™ dashboard, as well as a wide range of custom data management solutions that empower you to access, understand and leverage your inspection and testing data in real time. 

Get as much (or as little) insight as you want.

Every leader has his or her own style. The SiteLine dashboard gives you as much visibility as you want. Don’t like getting bogged down in details? Our easy-to-read, color-coded status updates and GIS mapping establish clear, location-based priorities rooted in custom limits you set. Or, if you like knowing the ins and outs, you can quickly access detailed reports on every single asset. 

Add efficiencies to your operation. 

On Now Digital can transform your routine inspections with single-point data entry, data verification checks and image uploading. We can also help systematize your data collection, taking the subjectivity out of equipment inspection. Our software records and analyzes your inspection data in real time, enabling you to save hundreds of hours generating compliance and insurance reports. 

Extend your equipment life. 

Immediate access to historical and trending data, industry benchmarks and real-time asset reports means that you can make decisions with confidence. Ultimately, you can create data-centric action plans, fix problems faster and shift from reactive maintenance to proactive planning to allow longer asset life and a greater return.

Improve safety.

With less break/fix work and more proactive maintenance, your technicians will be working on safer, more stable equipment. Additionally, we offer a field inspection app that comes with customizable safety checks to further ensure inspections run smoothly. 

Benefit from custom solutions.

Need help beyond your inspections and testing? On Now Digital has a suite of custom data management solutions that can help you gather, analyze and present data with ease. We can assist with custom app development, diagnostics, systems integrations, inventory management, data warehousing and much more. 

Ready to optimize your operation with data? Get in touch, and we can schedule a consultation right away.

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