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What we do

On Now Digital is an Ohio-based software provider that empowers you to transform the data you generate every day into actionable insights. Whether you’re collecting information from equipment inspections, lab tests or any other source, we can help you simplify the overwhelming clutter. On Now Digital can also organize your data for business intelligence purposes, get your finicky systems to play together nicely, develop custom apps, improve order tracking and lots of other software-related stuff. All so you can make data-centric decisions that save time and money in the long run. 

Why we do it

Because making decisions – about anything – is hard. And, it just doesn’t need to be. At On Now Digital, we’re problem-solvers by nature and business-minded software developers by trade, which means we’re pretty much obsessively looking for ways to combine our programming skills with your business challenges. Seriously, figuring out just the right fix for you to benchmark and plan based on data? That’s what keeps us up at night – in the good way.  

What we promise

On Now Digital has a history of taking care of the people we serve. Partner with us, and we promise:

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We speak code, so you don’t have to. We get it, not everyone is a tech geek like us. We explain our ideas in a way that makes sense – whatever your comfort level with technology is. 


We aren’t in the smoke and mirrors business. We just want you to have the right solution. Tell us your problem, and we’ll make our best attempt to fix it simply and cost-effectively. 


From concept through to ongoing support, we’re your team. That means you have our attention when you need it. (Jimmy John’s “freaky fast” has nothing on us. Sadly, they do make better sandwiches.) 

We were spending a lot of time with paper and not doing a whole lot with our inspections. We had no good way of analyzing the data and helping it to be an asset instead of just a burden. It’s been a really good process.

– Ed Krieger, Power Systems Director, City of Piqua

Interested in learning more about our solutionsTake a look at our FAQ page. On Now Digital would be happy to schedule a consultation any time.