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Why On Now Digital?

Big data, IoT, machine learning … the way the world processes information sure is changing. Luckily, On Now Digital can help you change along with it. With the magic of software, we arm you with real-time data that’s easy to understand and use. Plus, we speak in plain language (you know, because we’re all humans) and are turbo responsive to your questions. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be scary, no-sir-ee. On Now Digital is all in on helping you run your business more effectively.  


Data-driven asset reliability. Less time. More answers.  

Quickly gather, analyze and present the data you’re already collecting from routine inspections and lab tests. On Now Digital keeps it simple with cost-effective, pre-built SaaS solutions that save time and improve reliability. Nifty, eh? 

Our easy-to-use field inspection app offers IoT connectivity, single-point data entry and speech-to-text integration to get your data where it needs to go – instantly. 

With real-time access to historical and trending data and the ability to set your own criticality thresholds, you always have the information you need to act. 

Generate and export compliance reports in seconds. We also offer data visualization, color-coded status reports, systematized knowledge transfer and more.


Scared of new technology?... (more)

Scared of new technology?

Don’t be! Learn four simple steps to building a digital transformation strategy.