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Connect systems. Leverage data. Achieve goals.

Get your software working the way you want it to with On Now Digital.

Build the exact digital framework you need.

Whether you’re deep into your digital transformation roadmap or simply have the looming sense that you need to do more, On Now Digital can help.

Efficient system integration

Currently working in data silos? Struggling to connect legacy systems? Did you fall for the “plug and play” myth? It’s infuriating. Let’s get your software systems talking.


Digital data collection

We’ll be frank: if you’re still using paper forms for data collection, you’re losing accuracy, time, money and probably sanity. We can get your data where it needs to go. Automatically.


Easy data analysis and reporting

With the right rules in place, you can categorize and understand your data. In seconds. Enjoy automated analysis, streamlined reporting and better decision-making.


Full-stack developers you can trust.

We’re fast, we’re honest and we know data management software inside out. Here’s our tech stack:

  • Full stack

  • Microsoft Tools suite (.net, Angular, C#, SQL)

  • iOS and Android for mobile

Business minded. Integrity driven.

Why choose On Now Digital over anyone else in the vast sea of software architects? The short answer is because we hear you and we care. We have a rich history in industrial data management and an uncanny understanding of operations data and business process automation challenges. We believe in software done right and in doing it right for the people we serve.

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