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With On Now Digital’s 30-day free trial, switching to SiteLine has never been easier. Get the support you need to go digital with this cloud-based intuitive asset manager. SiteLine is fully customizable and allows you to identify potential problems and stay on top of your electrical asset health.

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Safely Monitor Your Operations With SiteLine

Color-coded. Instant analysis. Easy integration. Fully customizable.

Manage Risk

Manage Risk

SiteLine puts the health of your equipment at your fingertips. View, analyze and extend the life of your critical assets.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Detect problems and identify concerns right away. Free up your time to focus on what is important.


Streamline Communication

Streamline Communication

Set thresholds and respond in real-time. No more sifting through paper. Share the right information with the right people - instantly.

Whatever the Size of Your Operation, We Have a Plan to Fit Your Needs

On Now Digital makes switching to digital monitoring simple. SiteLine is intuitive and fully customizable, allowing you to experience the security of having the right information at your fingertips.

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