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SiteLine™ Asset Manager

Optimize Reliability and Peace of Mind

If you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it. You also can’t implement streamlined asset management, make data-informed decisions or schedule proactive maintenance. At On Now Digital, we are passionate about transforming complex information into simple, actionable data that improves your overall electric power system. That’s why we developed the intuitive asset manager, SiteLine.

Discover how SiteLine empowers you to make better asset management decisions – on every level.


SiteLine Solution Features

SiteLine™ Solution Features

Streamline Your Asset Management

On Now Digital is changing the way you access and interpret electric system maintenance information. SiteLine asset manager empowers you to optimize your substations, transformers and core infrastructure. Plus, as a cloud-based service, it provides line of sight from almost anywhere.

Learn more about how SiteLine transforms complex data into simple, actionable information.


SiteLine Equipment Reference

SiteLine™ Equipment Reference

Find Out Which Equipment You Can Track With SiteLine

On Now Digital helps you import a variety of equipment types into SiteLine so you have all your health data in one place. Read about which equipment types you can track with SiteLine.


Municipal Electric Utility Survey Infographic

Municipal Electric Utility Survey Infographic

See How Real Municipalities Approach Their Electric Asset Needs

Ranging from small farming towns to coastal cities, municipal electric departments across 12 states participated in On Now Digital's 2016 asset management survey.

Interested in the highlights?


OnSite Field Inspection Application

OnSite™ Field Inspection Application

Eliminate Error and Ensure Compliance

OnSite is the software that provides you with the customizable and standardized forms you need to inspect your electric utility. No more double-entry of data, missing or late inspection forms, and inaccurate information. On Now Digital's field inspection application provides you with customizable forms that are adaptive to your specific operation.

Do you want to eliminate error in your substation inspection operations?


Brain Drain Pic (Resources pg.)

"Bridging the Generational Workforce Gap" Whitepaper

Plug the Brain Drain, for Reliability's sake!

On Now Digital analyzed the workforce transition that utilities of all sizes are experiencing. By 2020, the energy sector is expected to undergo a substantial shift in the workforce, heavily influenced by retiring experts. How can utilities carry forward such expertise?



Asset Management Trends Among Electric Cooperatives Whitepaper

Unfolding Cooperative's Plan and Approach to Reliable Operations

On Now Digital assessed how distribution electric cooperatives around the nation manage their electrical assets to maximize reliability and efficiency.


Trapped Data Vid Youtbe



Give Your Data Purpose With On Now Digital

Is your data trapped on printed reports? Free your data, gain deeper insights, and more effectively maintain your electric utility. See how On Now Digital addresses this topic.


Aging Workforce Video



Aging Workforce and SiteLine

How should utilities respond to the aging workforce? This much discussed topic is often accompanied by a conversation about brain-drain. On Now Digital put together this short video that explains how SiteLine Asset Manager addresses these topics.


Aging Infrastructure Video



Aging Infrastructure and SiteLine

How should utilities respond to the aging infrastructure? The common thought is that old equipment needs replaced. On Now Digital put together this video to explore how SiteLine Asset Manager reaches the heart of the problem.



Municipal Electric Utility Research Survey Results, 2016

Discover How Cities Like Yours Maintain Electrical Service

More than 2,000 municipalities in the United States empower their communities through self-owned electrical utilities. This public power distribution model employs local talent and promotes community-centric decisions for power planning and consumption. Many of these municipal electric utilities have been serving their constituents for more than 80 years. With that longevity comes growth, change and a wide variety of electrical equipment for transmitting power.

Review the On Now Digital market research initiative to better understand municipalities and their operating constraints. Fill in the form to request our survey results, and research findings and key insights.

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