We’re so excited to share lunch with you – al desko!

So, you must be hungry.

Hungry for happier customers. For quicker turnaround times. For simpler lab data management. For that nagging feeling – that your job could be way easier – to just go away. You’ve come to the right place. In addition to a tasty lunch delivery, On Now Digital can help get your lab data in and out faster and better, all from the comfort and convenience of your very own desk. But, first things first … grub! Here’s how it works:

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At On Now Digital, we want to help you.

Really. We’re real people hanging out over here in Ohio just rooting for you and your equipment reliability. We are committed to working at your pace and doing what’s best for your operation. If you fill in our form, we won’t pepper you with emails, leave you incessant voicemails or hang out by the exit of your building. No-sir-ee. Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll help you out with that. 

Request a lunch meeting.

Listen, we're not the "let's do lunch" and "our people will call your people" kind of crew. That all sounds a little too slick for us. On Now Digital is just a bunch of friendly tech geeks who want to send you a tasty midday meal and talk about your lab data. And probably the weather. We're from Ohio after all. No pressure! Fill in this form already, and we'll confirm your time shortly!

What mouthwatering grub shall we send you?

Not that kind of laboratory?

We get it. Not everyone is ready to jump right into a lunch date. Here’s a little more about us. At On Now Digital, we got our start developing a reporting dashboard for the largest transformer oil testing lab in North America. Now, our SaaS solutions have more than 10,000 active users. We’re super familiar with fluid and lubrication data and ISO-17025 requirements. Go ahead and chow down on these resources. (And, you know, then meet us for lunch!)