We help people who need a faster, easier way.

Do you ever get frustrated spending hours looking for information you know you have … somewhere? Do you have a hunch your job, and everyone’s around you, could be a whole lot easier? On Now Digital can help make that happen. We provide both custom and SaaS data-management solutions for operations managers, maintenance supervisors, field technicians and others in a wide range of applications. Here are just a few of our focus areas: 

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Getting customers fast access to their data is how we got our start. We know LIMS databases and ISO 17025 requirements, and we understand many of your operational challenges. On Now Digital offers a prebuilt customer portal, as well as analysis and presentation tools that generate clear, user-friendly reports in seconds.


Generator service providers

Your need customers trust you for reliable, after-the-sale service, and you need to get them their information fast. Keep customers informed and up to date with an easy-to-use equipment inspection app and portal. We help you move faster from jobsite to jobsite, streamlining your reporting while growing your customer relationships with real-time data access. 

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Electrical contractors

Reporting technical data back to your clients can be tricky, not to mention explaining what it means. On Now Digital visually presents electrical test data in clear, color-coded reports via a customer-facing web portal. We can save you time in the field and in the office with software that streamlines your operation.

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When an entire community is depending on you to keep the lights on, every decision you make matters. On Now Digital can help ease the burden of substation management with data collection, analysis and reporting services that ensure safe, compliant and centralized information on your critical equipment.

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Industrial inspections

Are you still tracking down paper inspections from your monthly PMs? House, categorize, trend, and view your inspection data – exactly how you want it – with a configurable inspection app and cloud-hosted reporting dashboard. 

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Home inspections

Do you spend hours after completing an inspection trying to fill in PDF forms and emailing them to the appropriate parties? Wish there were a simple platform that stored all that data for real-time access for your customers? We can help organize and present your inspection data right away. 

Don’t see your industry listed?  Don’t panic! We help all kind of people. Just drop us a line, and we’ll talk.